Credit Card Payments

Government Payment EXP


The City of Thorp has partnered with Government Payment EXP, to allow you to pay tax bills, utility bills, or other miscellaneous municipal charges with your credit or debit card (a separate processing fee is charged by Government Payment EXP).  Simply click here or on the logo above, or call 888-604-7888 to begin the payment process.  Make sure you use the proper location code below to ensure your payment is properly credited.

Utility Bills: Use Location Code 6428, and provide customer name, service address, and account number (if available).

Tax Bills: Use Location Code 6429, and provide customer name and parcel number.  Only first installment tax payments made by January 31 are accepted by the City of Thorp.  Delinquent taxes, and second installment payments must be made to the Clark County Treasurer (715-743-5155).

Miscellaneous Charges:  Use Location Code 6430, and provide customer name and invoice number.