City of Thorp Code of Ordinances

Please click on the links below to see various sections. The information contained on these pages is intended to be a guide, and the city will make every effort to keep them up to date. However, please visit or contact City Hall for the most up-to-date versions. Ordinance changes that are not reflected in the material on this website are still law, and take precedence over anything you may find here. This information was last updated on 10-02-2018.


Title 1 General Provisions

Title 1-1 Use and Construction of Code of Ordinances

Title 1-2 Enforcement of Ordinances

Title 2 Government and Administration

Title 2-1 City Government and Elections

Title 2-2 Mayor and Common Council

Title 2-3 Public Officers and Employees

Title 2-4 Boards, Commissions and Committees

Title 2-5 Ethical Standards

Title 3 Finance and Public Records

Title 3-1 Public Finance

Title 3-2 Special Assessments

Title 3-3 Public Records

Title 3-4 Disposal of Lost Abandoned and Surplus Property

Title 4 Public Safety

Title 4-1 Law Enforcement

Title 4-2 Fire Prevention

Title 4-3 Fire Prevention Code and Hazardous Materials

Title 4-4 Emergency Government

Title 4-6 Sex Offender Residency Restrictions and Child Safety Zones

Title 5 Public Works

Title 5-1 Grades

Title 5-2 Streets and Sidewalks

Title 5-3 Driveways

Title 5-4 Trees and Shrubs

Title 5-5 City Cemetery

Title 5-6 Public Works Projects

Title 6 Licensing and Regulation

Title 6-1 Regulation of Animals

Title 6-2 Liquor Licenses and Permits

Title 6-3 Cigarette License

Title 6-4 Direct Sellers

Title 6-5 Mobile Homes

Title 6-6 Regulation and Licensing of Fireworks

Title 6-7 Street Use Permit

Title 6-8 Cable Television Franchise

Title 6-10 Storage Permits

Title 6-11 Room Tax

Title 7 Health and Sanitation

Title 7-1 Health & Sanitation

Title 7-2 Pollution Abatement

Title 7-3 Open Burning

Title 7-4 Land Application of Manure

Title 8 Public Utilities

Title 8-1 Sewer Use

Title 8-2 Well Abandonment

Title 8-3 Cross Connection Control

Title 8-4 Solid Waste Management

Title 8-5 Well Head Protection

       Wellhead Protection Area for Wells #4, #5, #9, #11

       Wellhead Protection Area for Wells #13, #14, #15

Title 8-6 Solid Waste Collection License

Title 8-7 Water Conservation Ordinance

Title 8-8 Stormwater Management

Title 8-9 Broadbank Network Project Applications

Title 9 Motor Vehicles and Traffic

Title 9-1 General Provisions

Title 9-2 Street Traffic Regulations

Title 9-3 Parking Regulations

Title 9-4 Miscellaneous Provisions

Title 9-5 Enforcement and Penalties

Title 9-6 Bicycles and Skateboards

Title 9-7 Snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles

Title 9-8 Abandoned and Junked Vehicles

Title 9-9 Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

Title 9-10 Golf Carts

Title 10 Offenses and Nuisances

Title 10-1 State Statutes Adopted

Title 10-2 Offenses Against Public Safety and Peace

Title 10-3 Offenses Involving Property

Title 10-4 Offenses Involving Alcohol

Title 10-5 Offenses by Juveniles

Title 10-6 Public Nuisances

Title 10-7 Offenses Involving Cigarettes

Title 10-8 Offenses Involving Smoking

Title 10-9 Offenses Involving Synthetic Cannabinoids

Title 11 Parks, Cemeteries and Navigable Waters

Title 11-1 Park Regulations

Title 11-2 Cemeteries

Title 12 Zoning

Title 12-1 Definitions

Title 12-2 General Provisions

Title 12-3 Zoning Districts

Title 12-4 Parking

Title 12-5 Signs

Title 12-6 Administration

Title 12-7 Zoning Permits

Title 12-8 Annexation

Title 12-9 Separability

Title 12-10 Penalties

Title 12-11 Flood Plain Zoning

Title 13 Building Code

Title 13-1 Building Codes and Permits

Title 13-2 Construction Site Erosion Control

Title 13-3 Fair Housing

Title 13-4 Grievances Regarding Access to Public Buildings by Handicapped Persons