Public Safety in the City of Thorp

In any emergency situation posing an imminent threat to life or property please call:


Law Enforcement

The Thorp Police Department provides the primary law enforcement in the City of Thorp.  They receive assistance from the Clark County Sheriff's Department and the Wisconsin State Patrol.  The Thorp Police Department can be reached at (715) 669-5523.  The Clark County Sheriff's Department can be reached at 1-800-743-2420.

Fire and Ambulance Service

Fire and ambulance services in Thorp are provided by the Thorp Area Fire & Ambulance District.

Click here to check the DNR website for bans and limitations on burning.

Emergency Management

The City of Thorp has an Emergency Management Committee comprised of the Chief of Police, City Administrator, and Director of Public Works.  The City works cooperatively with Clark County Emergency Management.